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Introduction To Crochet

Five Saturdays, starting on September 8th, running from 10-12

From dishcloths to granny square blankets, the world of crochet is broader than many crafters have ever realized. If you've never picked up a hook before, this class will help you learn the basics of chain, double crochet, and more. You will learn how to make several specific crochet items that will be useful in your day to day life. 

Cost: $110 for all five sessions

​Materials: Encouraged to purchase at the first session

​Upcoming Classes:

Upcoming Classes 

Mind's Eye Yarns

We Are A Learning Community.

One of our favorite things about crafting is that learning is eternal. Whether it's a new way to turn a heel, a new pattern for a dish cloth, or a new way to ply your yarns, there's always a new technique to pick up. This is true for the newest beginner and the most experienced crafter.

We also believe that our most important learning is accomplished in community. We are proud to host classes and retreats where you can learn more about techniques and meet other area crafters.