Our people make the difference.

When your goal is to be a little inclusive yarn shop that could, the people running the store make all the difference. We want you to know a little bit about us.

Our staff has experience with many different crafts, from knitting and spinning to crochet and more. 


portrait of a woman with short brown hair and glasses

All portraits done by Griffin Ess at Shaded Areas

Annie, owner. She/ her.
Crafts: Knitting, spinning, crocheting and sewing
Favorite Colors: historically, green. All colors are the best color though.

Bonnie, teacher. She/ her.
Crafts: knitting, spinning, rigid heddle weaving, sewing, Alabama Chanin-style stitching, backstrap weaving, seed beading
Favorite Colors: Purple and Green, especially yellow-greens

Emily, yarn monger. She/her.
Crafts: Knitting, spinning, embroidery
Favorite Colors: Black, gold, burgundy, forest green, blush pink.

Laurel, teacher. She/her

Crafts: Crochet, knitting, cooking
Favorite colors: Rainbow, purple, jewel tones

Mink, yarn monger. She/her
Crafts: crochet, knitting and weaving
Favorite colors: purple, blue, red

Nassira, teacher and yarn monger. She/ her.
Crafts: knitting, dyeing, sewing, extremely basic crochet
Favorite color: ....all of them, ideally all at once.

Rachel, yarn monger. She/ her
Crafts: knitting, sewing, papercraft, counted cross stitch
Favorite colors: all kinds of pink, teal, purple, burgundy

Portrait of a woman with long red hair and glasses
portrait of a woman with mid-length dark hair and glasses

Mini Bios

Portrait of a woman with long dark hair and glasses
Portrait of a woman with mid-length brown hair and no glasses.
Portrait of a woman with very short light hair and glasses
portrait of a woman with short reddish hair and glasses

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